Samantha April Reeves
Samantha Reeves




102 lbs


December 20, 1983 (age 27)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Billed from

College Station, Texas


Tampa, Florida

Trained by

Florida Championship Wrestling, The Nexus


June 7, 2010

Early Life

Ever since Samantha was five years old, she wanted to be a professional wrestler. She always held wrestling matches in a ring that was made in her backyard. She started to train to be a professional wrestler when she was seventeen.

Wrestling Career

After training at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), Samantha made her WWE debut on June 7, 2010 where her, along with Vanessa Bennett and Alexis Rosser had joined Brianna Lloyd, Ashley Miller, Caitlyn Evans and Emily Otunga in an attack on the Divas match of the night, which was Kelly Kelly verses Tori Brooks.

On the June 14 edition of Raw, it was revealed by Vanessa that they would be known as Nexus 2.0, where they are all a younger sister of a member of The Nexus, who had formed just moments prior to Nexus 2.0 forming. It was also stated that Nexus 2.0's goal was to take over the Divas Division.

After that, each member of Nexus 2.0 had won their match against their respectful opponents in either singles competition, tag team competition and most of the time handicap matches (where it would be four members of Nexus 2.0 against just one opponent).

Despite having a new leader in Tori Brooks, Samantha had stayed with Nexus 2.0 until their disbandment on August 29, 2011.

Samantha Reeves 2
Since then, she hasn't appeared on WWE television since. But, it has been said that in January of 2012 is where Samantha would make her return to WWE television.

Personal Life

Samantha has the word April written in cursive on her lower back, to symbolize her middle name.


Skip Sheffield (brother)


  • Neck Slam (piggyback stunner)

Tag Team(s)/Stable(s)

  • Nexus 2.0 (June 14, 2010 - August 29, 2011)

Entrance Music

  • Getting Away with Murder (June 14, 2010 - August 29, 2011)
  • Loose Yourself by Eminem (Singles Theme)

Twitter Account

Samantha's Twitter account is @Samantha_TexasBeauty. She uses it to talk to her friends and fans as well as posts photos of herself from time to time.
Samantha Reeves 3

Samantha's Twitter Photo