Megan Faith Ragan
Megan Ragan


December 25, 1985 (age 25)

Relationship Status

Dating Ryan Truex


Unadilla, Georgia


Huntersville, North Carolina



Early LifeEdit

Megan is the twin sister of David Ragan, but younger than him by two minutes. Megan got her love of racing from David.


Megan sort of grew up in a racing family. Her brother David was a racer who had wanted to get into the NASCAR league and her father Ken Ragan was a former NASCAR Sprint Cup (then known as the Winston Cup) driver, so Megan was used to the racing lifestyle. Whenever it was possible, Megan would go to a nearby race track in Georgia and just watch whatever race that was taking place.

Megan even stepped foot in a few late model cars from time to time from help from David. Megan actually won the races that she was put into it. By accident, she even spun her brother when they were racing together.

Megan was juggling her education, where she was getting a steady 80% in her grade average and racing whenever she could for a while until she graduated in 2002. After graduation, she continued to race whenever she could around Georgia until 2007 where she went on the NASCAR circut with David.

Megan is training on becoming a pit crew member in the Sprint Cup Series.

Personal LifeEdit

Megan is the younger twin sister of David Ragan. Megan is younger than David by two minutes.

In 2010, Megan decided to head to Madison, Illinois to see the 2010 Missouri-Dodge Dealers 250 NASCAR Nationwide Series Race. That was where she saw Ryan Truex. After they met, they started to hang out with each other, went out on casual dates before it progressed into a relationship on August 31, 2010.

Sibling: David Ragan (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

Megan's Twitter account is @Megan_GeorgiaBeauty. She uses it to talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR as well as posts photos of herself as well as herself and Ryan from time to time.
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