Liliana Mikayla Kahne-Vickers
Liliana Kahne


April 10, 1982 (age 30)

Relationship Status

Married to Brian Vickers


Enumclaw, Washington


Mooresville, North Carolina


Traveling tattoo artist

Early LifeEdit

Liliana is the younger sister of Kasey Kahne, which the two have a great relationship in terms of a sibling relationship.


Growing up, Liliana didn't have that great of a relationship with her parents because (on a repeated basis), they'd said to her that she was a 'mistake' and that they really wanted Kasey as their child, and not her. So, that is why she had a very trusted relationship with Kasey, because to her, he's the only person she could ever trust with anything in her life.

In highschool, she was known as the 'outcast', because she was 'different' frrom the other kids because of how she dressed - she dressed more like a tomboy with dressing like a girly-girl for only the special occasions and mainly wouldn't associate herself with everyone because of her home life, and that would've translated in her academics where in all of her classes, she was at least having a 59% average.

She decided to not to go college because she thought she was going to suffer from the same kind of bullying treatment she got in high school and ended up training herself in being a tattoo artist, and does tattoos for people for free (if they are her 'few' friends), or around $10 to $25 ofr other people. Liliana now spends her time hanging out with her brother and her friends on the road with NASCAR.

Personal LifeEdit

Liliana is the twin sister of Kasey Kahne, which they have a close relationship with each other because of Liliana's tough relationship with her parents.

Kasey was the one who had Liliana and Brian Vickers meet at the spring Richmond race in 2007. They hit it off as friends just two minutes after meeting each other. They eventually went out on casual dates, then it had progressed into a relationship for them on October 5, 2007

It was confirmed on Liliana's Twitter account that her and Brian are engaged. Liliana and Brian had gotten married on March 17, 2012 in a small wedding in Bristol, Tennessee

Sibling(s): Kasey Kahne (brother), Jennifer Vickers (sister in-law)

Twitter AccountEdit

Liliana's Twitter account is @TattooBeauty4. She uses it to talk to her friends and either fans of NASCAR or fans of her brother.