Kelly Ann Turner-Stewart
Kelly Stewart


28 (May 12, 1983)

Columbus, Indiana

Relationship Status

Married to Tony Stewart


Columbus, Indiana


Concord, North Carolina

Early Life

Kelly is the only daughter of mother Susie Turner, a stay at home mother. She didn't know her father at all because her father left Susie when she was pregnant, but Kelly heard that her father used to be a IndyCar driver.


Growing up, Kelly was your stereotypical popular girl - annoying, snobby, arrogant, narrsistic, everything that you'll find in a popular girl. She was the captian of the cheerleader team ever since her freshman year. She had also been a part of the soccer team, basketball team, the swim team, the yearbook committee(just so that she could get herself plastered over the yearbook) and just about any club or team that you could think of.

When she graduated from school in 2000, she didn't go to university at first, but after three months, she went to the University of Notre Dame to get her degree in English. When she had recieved her degree in English, she'd continued to live in Columbus until 2005 where she'd moved to Concord, North Carolina.

Personal Life

Kelly was raised by her mother because her father left when Kelly's mother was pregnant with her.

Kelly and one of her friends named Kristen Lakes went to their first NASCAR race during the 2005 Coca-Cola 600, and that was where Kelly ended up meeting Tony Stewart, and it was all because of Kristen. It all started when Kristen wanted to find her favourite driver(Dale Earnhardt Jr.), and that was when they ended up bumping into Tony. Kristen noticed the 'chemistry starting' between Tony and Kelly, so Kristen decided to leave them alone, so that they could somewhat get to know each other.

After that, Tony ended up asking Kelly out on a date, just so that they could get to know each other. Two weeks after getting to know each other, Tony and Kristen ended up being in a relationship with each other.

On June 12, 2010, Tony had proposed to Kelly, which she accepted.

Tony and Kelly had gotten married on November 24, 2010.

On February 13, 2012, Kelly announced on Twitter that she is currently four months pregnant and that she's expected to be due in July.

Sibling(s): Aimee Stewart (sister-in law)

Twitter Account

Kelly's Twitter account is @KellyStewart14. She uses it to talk to fans of NASCAR and fans of Tony and posts updates about what's going on with her