Keira Lena Logano
Keira Logano


May 25, 1990 (age 21)

Relationship Status



Middletown, Connecticut


Huntersville, North Carolina


Personal Assistant for Joey Logano

Early LifeEdit

Keira is the younger sister to Joey Logano, and because of the low age gap between the two (they were born like two minutes apart from one another), they were extremely close to each other.


Keira was a happy person growing up, no matter what had happened to her, she always puts a smile on her facce, and always cheers people up whenever they are said or wahtever. That lasted until she was thirteen years old before she got diagnosed with depression as she suddenly felt sad and not happy as usual.

Three years later at sixteen, Keira got over her depression as she occasionally went skating at her family's ice rink in Middletown, Connecticut, where she decided to start doing ice sports, like ice hockey.

Keira graduated highschool with a scholarship to any university of her choice, she ended up giving it to someone that she thought deserved it more than she did.

Keira now spends her days on the NASCAR circut as she's the personal assistant to Joey Logano, as well as she hangs out with her friends whenever possible.

Personal LifeEdit

Keira is the younger sister of Joey Logano, and they are extremely close to each other.

Siblings: Joey Logano (brother), Melissa Logano (sister in-law)

Family Member(s): Emerald Leathong (step-niece)

Twitter AccountEdit

Keira's Twitter account is @LittleConnecticut, where she uses it to talk to her friends, as well as fans of NASCAR and fans of her brother, as well as her brother from time to time.