Heather Larissa Hendrick
Heather Hendrick


June 14, 1989 (age 22)

Relationship Status



Charlotte, North Carolina


Concord, North Carolina


PR rep for Hendrick Motorsports Contract Negotiator for Hendrick Motorsports

Early Life

Heather is the youngest daughter of NASCAR race team owner Rick Hendrick and the youngest sister of Ricky Hendrick and Lynn Carlson. Heather loved racing when she was growing up, and wanted to be a part of it.


When she was ten years old, that was when Heather had gotten her interest in NASCAR. She was at Lowe's Motor Speedway (now called Charlotte Motor Speedway) and she was hanging out with the spottors during the Coca Cola 600, because her father thought if she was in the garage area of the track, she was going to cause some havoc. After seeing the race from their perspective, that was when Heather knew she wanted to be a part of NASCAR.

Because of her brother Ricky's death in 2004, as a part of her sixteenth birthday a year later in 2005, Heather had gotten a tattoo of a blue heart with a banner with his name in it, then at the bottom was his date of birth (April 2, 1980) and his date of death (October 24, 2004).

Heather graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2009 with a Bachelors in Business Administration, and is now working at her father's race team 'Hendrick Motorsports' in handling the contracts of the drivers in the organization. Heather is also the PR rep for Hendrick Motorsports.

Personal Life

Heather is the youngest daughter of NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick and is the younger sister of Ricky Hendrick and Lynn Carlson.


Ricky Hendrick (brother; deceased)

Lynn Carlson (sister)

Twitter Account

Heather's Twitter account is @NCHendrick. She uses it to talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR.
Heather Hendrick2

Heather's Twitter photo

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