Courtney Mia Trudel-Brooks
Courtney Trudel




115 lbs


September 11, 1992 (age 23)


Long Island, New York


Miami, Florida

Billed from

Long Island, New York

Trained by


Haylie Trudel

Josh Trudel

Sabrina Trudel

CM Punk


September 13, 2010

Early Life

Courtney got her interest in wretling from when her older siblings got into the business, and she wanted to be with them, so they trained her enough to be in the WWE.

Wrestling Career

Courtney made her debut onto Monday Night Raw on September 13, 2010 where she was put into a match against Maryse in a Submission match (as it was Raw Roulette night, and the match was obviously determined by the Raw Roulette wheel) and won that match via the Boston Crab submission move.

The next week on the September 20 episode of Raw, she was 'handpicked' to fight for the Divas Championship by one half of LayCool Michelle McCool all because LayCool needed 'more Divas to beat', which was true since Courtney lost the match by inteference from Layla.

After the September 20 episode of Raw, Courtney had been used sparingly on Raw, but when she was used on Raw, she would be in tag matches with Josh Trudel, but was mainly used on the Raw part of WWE Superstars.

At Survivor Series, Courtney was involved in the 3 person tag team match, where she'd teamed up with John Cena and The Rock where they werre facing Awesome Truth (Miz and R-Truth) and Phoenix, where Courtney, Cena and Rock won.

On the December 5, 2011 episode of Raw, Courtney beat Dolph Ziggler to gain a spot in the WWE Championship match at TLC against CM Punk, Miz and Alberto Del Rio.

On the Slammy edition of Monday Night Raw, Courtney had presented the 'Biggest Tool' of the Year Slammy Award, which had won by Michael Cole.

Courtney also won a Fatal-Four Way containing the nominees for the 'Trending Star' of the Year Slammy Award, defeating Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder. Courtney had also won the Slammy Award.

Later on in the evening, Courtney had accompanied CM Punk for his tag team match where he was teaming up with Randy Orton and facing Miz and Del Rio. After the match when Miz and Del Rio had attacked Punk, they handcuffed Courtney to the bottom rope basically forcing her to watch the attack and have her not help Punk.

During the Fatal Four Way TLC match at the TLC pay per view, Courtney and Miz were standing up at the top of the ladder punching each other in order for one of them to retrive the WWE Championship. Punk had pushed the ladder to the side, hoping to get both of them off of the ladder. Miz had fallen off the ladder, but Courtney still hung on to the championship belt by her hands as she had unhooked it from the ceiling, fell down to the mat and won the WWE Championship. Courtney had celebrated the championship win in the ring for a bit.,

The next night on Monday Night Raw, she'd appeared in a segment with Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder before it had been interupted by The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio. Then Laurinaits came out and set up a six person tag match where it was Courtney, Bryan and Ryder verses Miz, Ziggler and Del Rio. Courtney's team had won the match.

On the December 26 episode of Raw, Courtney was placed in a gauntlet match against Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry where if she were to beat all three particpants, she would face Laurinaitis. Courtney ended up beating Swagger, but lost to Dolph Ziggler, making a match between Courtney and Dolph on the January 2, 2012 episode of Raw where Courtney has to put the WWE Championship on the line against Dolph.

On the January 2 episode of Raw, Laurinatis almost screwed Courtney out of her WWE Championship, which she ended up retaining via countout. Afterwards, Courtney was in his office as he explained that because Dolph beat her for two weeks in a row, he's getting another title shot at the Royal Rumble pay per view, with him saying that he would be the special guest referee for the event. Courtney ended up saying that since he's lucky having David Otunga with him, because Courtney would go to jail for animal cruelty for beating Laurinatis like a bitch if he were to screw Courtney out of the WWE Championship again at the Rumble.

On the January 9 episode of Raw, Courtney faced off against Jack Swagger where she won. On the January 16 episode of Raw, Courtney was put into a 6 person tag team match, teaming up with Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho versus Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and David Otunga. During the match, both Jericho and Bryan both walked out of the match, leaving Courtney to fend for herself for a while, until Mick Foley came down to the ring and was her tag team partner, leading them to get the victory. That was, until John Laurinaitis came to the ring and said that since Foley wasn't supposed to be in the match, Ziggler, Otunga and Henry had gotten the victory. After that, Courtney had started yelling in his face before walking out of the ring. She had appeared earlier in the evening during a promo involving Mick, Dolph, Vickie Guerrero and Laurinaitis. She had later came back to the ring to make sure if Mick was okay after being hit over the head with the back of the microphone by Laurinaitis.

On the January 23 edition of Monday Night Raw, Courtney had appeared in the promo where she was discussing the Royal Rumble match that she has with Dolph Ziggler and basically saying that she was screwed, before the promo was interupted by John Cena before Courtney was going to find Laurinaitis. Cena ended up saying that Laurinaitis would appear because Cena wanted another match with Kane and he would resign as the GM of Raw. Laurinaitis did appeared and said that despite Sydney still not medically cleared to compete, she would face Kane in a Falls Count Anywhere match. He had also set up a match with Courtney and Cena in a tag match against Dolph and Jack Swagger. Courtney and Cena lost the match due to Laurinaitis distracting Courtney as she was on the top rope ready to do a moonsault off of it. After the match, Courtney had demaned a match where its her against Laurinaitis, which Laurinaitis accepted. Instead of a match, Courtney and Laurinaitis had talked about the fax that Laurinaitis had recieved over him having a job evaluation done by the COO Triple H on whether or not Laurinaitis would keep his job or not. After that, Courtney and David Otunga had a little fight before Courtney had applied Mini Long Island on Laurinaitis before being attacked from behind by Ziggler.

At the Royal Rumble Courtney was successful in defending her WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

Courtney Trudel 2

Courtney when she had blue in her hair. She likes just Pink and Black better

On the January 30 edition of Raw, it was announced that Courtney would defend her WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, R-Truth and Chris Jericho at the Elimination Chamber PPV. It was also announced that Courtney would be in a match with World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan later on in the night. Courtney then interupted Laurinaitis' promo by saying that she wants Triple H to fire him and to throw him out the front door. The promo was then interupted by Bryan, who then said that nobody cares about her and Laurinaitis and that he was winning matches while Courtney and Laurinaitis were conducting their 'soap operas'. He also commented that Courtney isn't 'much of a challenge' for him. After a few minutes, it was interupted once again by the 2012 Royal Rumble Winner Josh Trudel, with Josh reminding everyone that he won the Royal Rumble, Courtney and Bryan would defend their titles at the Elimination Chamber PPV and that Laurinaitis would be fired, and also reminding everyone that he can choose a title of his choosing. He then said that he hopes that Triple H would not just fire Laurinaitis, that he would kick his ass in the process. Courtney then shook Bryan's hand to end the promo.

Later on in the night, during her match with Bryan, it ended with Bryan winning via DQ as Chris Jericho and Serena Jericho intefered in the match, where Chris performed the Code Breaker on Courtney. On the February 6 edition of Monday Night Raw, Courtney appeared in a promo with Chris, where Courtney didn't say anything as Courtney held up the WWE Championship and walked away from Chris as Chris kept on calling Courtney a wannabe for the fact that Courtney kept on saying that she is the 'best in the world'.Later in the evening, Courtney was a part of the Six Pack Challenge between the participants in the Raw Elimination Chamber where the winner will be entered into the match last. The match was won by Chris after stealing the win from Courtney after she did all of the work on Dolph Ziggler.

On the February 13 edition of Monday Night Raw, Courtney along with the rest of the participants of the Raw elimination chamber were participating in a debate. Courtney then went on, after asking about her odds about holding onto the WWE Championship, she went on to insult Laurinaitis and question how he still is the GM of Raw and then went on to say that she will hold onto the title belt because she's the best wrestler in the world, earning a glare from Chris Jericho. When Jerry Lawler started saying to the Miz that he was in the main event of Wrestlemania 27, making Courtney comment that he happened to lose to Haylie, having Courtney earning a comment from the Miz saying that all that Courtney is is a more weirder reincarnation of Haylie. Then when Chris had said that he's better than everyone and that he's on a higher level than anyone else, but put Courtney at even more of a lower level than anyone else, Courtney just flipped him off. Chris and Courtney had another staredown after it wasa announced that Chris would be facing Kofi Kingston. It was also announced that Courtney would face The Miz later on in the night. Later on, Courtney won her match against Miz.

At Eliminaition Chamber Courtney retained her title after it was down to her and Miz. On the February 20 edition of Monday Night Raw, Courtney was on commentary for the 10 person battle royal where the winner would face her at Wrestlemania, where the winner was eventually Chris Jericho, where the two had a staredown. When Courtney entered the ring and offered for him to shake her hand in sign of 'good luck', Jericho refused. Courtney then celebrated in the ring with the WWE Championship. On the February 21 edition of Smackdown, Courtney was in another Champion verses Champion match with Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, where it first ended with Courtney winning the match after Bryan tried escaping, but was put back in the ring by Josh. It was then restarted by Raw GM John Laurinaitis who came down to ringside to watch the match. The second round of the match had ended with Bryan pinning Courtney, but was holding the ropes to get the win. The match was then restarted again, but this time, by Smackdown GM Haylie who came down to ringside to watch the match, with her being accompanied by Hannah Polito . The third time, the match had ended in a draw after both Bryan and Courtney had been in a pinning predicament. At the end of the match, Laurinaitis raised Bryan's hand, thinking that he won the match where Bryan celebrated in the ring, whereas Haylie and Hannah had raised both of Courtney's hands knowing that she had won the match, while Haylie was giving a hurt look towards Bryan.

On the February 27 edition of Raw, Courtney was in a promo with Chris Jericho where she was insuting him before it was interupted by Daniel Bryan who was coming out for their Smackdown rematch. During the match, Bryan had tried escaping from the match again while Haylie, Laurinaitis, David Otunga and Hannah were fighting outside of the ring, before being thrown back into the ring by Josh once again. When Courtney was trying to get the three count, Laurianits stopped the match due to inteference by Josh. After the match, Courtney was yelling at Laurianits before Haylie entered the ring and pushed Laurianits down on the ground before the two GMs and their assistants almost have a brawl in the ring. While that was happening, Courtney was leaving the ring with the title, before she was attacked on the stage by Chris Jericho.

It was announced on the March 5 edition of Monday Night Raw that Courtney would be in a tag team match with Josh to take on Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho. Later in the night, Courtney and Josh lost the match. On the March 12 edition of Raw, Courtney was placed into a match with The Miz where Courtney won. After the match, she heard Chris on the titantron saying that he did some 'research' on her and saying that in her days before entering the WWE back in 2010, that she was a chronic drug abuser an would sell her body to other men for drug money, and the only reason that she'd stopped that was because of her boyfriend. Chris also said that after Wrestlemania that he'll take her WWE Championship and he would be recognized for being the best in the world and she would be recognized for being the ex WWE-Diva and being a drug addict and being a skank that would lose everything that she had and would eventually lose herself. Courtney then left the ring almost in tears.

On the March 19th Edition of Raw Courtney went out to the ring and said what Chris said last week was a lie that she never did drugs but she did drink a bit but she did stop because of her boyfriend. Chris Jericho came on the Titantron and said that he was sorry and that he'll never say anything about her again. But her friend who died two years ago however. He went to say that he died by a drug overdose then he went on to say he was the best in the world then Courtney yelled 'Fuck You' to Chris and called him a bitch before going back to the back angerly.

On the March 23rd Edition of Smackdown Courtney teamed with CM Punk to take on Daniel Bryan and the Miz which Courtney pinned Miz after hitting him with a Mini Long Island. On the March 26th Edition of Raw before Courtney faced off against Christian Jericho came up on the Titanton and revealed that back in 2009 the day after Courtney's Birthday Haylie had a miscarrage with her very first Child which got Courtney mad. She then defeated Christian. At Wrestlemania 28, Courtney retained her championship against Chris. On the April 2nd edition of Raw, Courtney defended the WWE Championship against Mark Henry and won via countout. After the match, Courtney suffered from a Worlds Strongest Slam from Mark after the match on the ringside floor. After that, Chris came out and pour alcohol over her before smashing the bottle over her head.

On the April 9th edition of Raw, it was announced that Courtney would be defending the WWE title again against Mark. Before the match, Courtney said that she chosed being straightedge because she knew that if she were to be smoking or drinking or doing drugs or doing all three, she knew that I was going to be dead. Nobody really cares why I chose to be straightedge. That was something that I lived by, until Jericho came around and showed the WWE Universe her private life, which failed came 'Mania when she beat him and then came last week where she had a whisky bottle smashed over her head. She said that the only thing that she thought was how she acted when she was a teenager before making it to the WWE, before she met her boyfriend and changed her life for the good. When Jericho came on the titantron, he said that she must be used to being drunk. He also said that he doesn't seen the Courtney that the WWE Universe sees, he sees a powerless, drunk loser that he allowed the WWE Universe to see for the first time in years. Courtney replied with: 'At this point Jericho, it's not about being one of us being the best in the world, it's simply me kicking your ass.'. When the match was over, Courtney got herself disqualified and was latered attacked by Mark twice and then was then had more alcohol poured on her by Chris.

On the April 16 edition of Raw, Courtney won her No DQ/No Countout match against Mark Henry. After the match, it was announced that it would be Courtney verses Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules in a Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship.

On the April 23, 2012 edition of Raw, being forced by Laurinaitis, Courtney performed a field sobriety test on whether or not she was 'drunk' and if she was, she would be stripped of the title and be given to Chris Jericho. When it was discovered that Courtney had failed the test, Haylie (who was forced by Laurinaitis to set up the whole thing) had told Courtney that she had no control in the situation and Courtney was forced to be stripped of the title. As soon as Courtney handed Haylie the WWE title, instead of handing it over to Chris, Haylie bashed the title over his head and gave Courtney the WWE title back. On the April 30 edition of Raw, Courtney came out after the Bryan/Lawler match where Bryan was named the new number one contender for the WWE Championship, which all Courtney did was applaud Bryan and holds up the WWE Championship.

On the May 7 edition of Raw, Courtney interupted Laurinaitis' promo and says that he still has no clue about what the fans want, calling him a joke, insulting him and saying that she couldn't wait to see Cena beat him at Over the Limit after retaining the WWE Championship. Laurinaitis announced a handicap match where it would be Courtney verses Lord Tensai and Daniel Bryan which would take place later in the evening. Courtney's response was that she couldn't wait for the challenge, almost as much as she looks forward to Cena making him tap out at Over the Limit before leaving the ring. Courtney lost the match, and after it, Bryan went and attacked her for a while until refs pulled him off of her. On the May 14 edition of Raw, Courtney along with US Champion Hannah Politio were in a tag team match against Cody Rhodes and Bryan where Courtney and Hannah won. Later, Courtney was in a backstage segment with AJ where she wished Courtney luck for Sunday. Courtney replied with that she doesn't want to be involved with her and Bryan because she doesn't need the drama. Courtney alsos said that she doesn't trust Bryan and while knowing AJ, she's been pretty unstable, then walking away from AJ. On the May 18 edition of Smackdown, Courtney interupted Laurinaitis' promo and said that everyone wanted this to happen (in reference to the stipulation for his match against Cena where if anyone inteferes with the match, they're automatically fired) and especially want Cena to win the match because that would result in Laurinaitis being fired. Courtney also said that she wants to be the first one to wish Laurinaitis the best in his future endavors and saying that on Raw and Smackdown, everyone would be partying because of the fact that Laurinaitis will be gone - and that the party will be bigger then Mardi Gras. When Courtney was actually done talking, Laurinaitis announced that she will face Kane later in the broadcast, which Courtney accepts and stated that she won't go to the Board of Directors to get out of the match. She said that she respects Kane, unlike Johnny and that next week, she'll be WWE Champion while Johnny will be on the unemployment line. Courtney then went on to lose the match against Kane due to a DQ from Bryan hitting Kane with a steel chair. When the match was over, after Kane recovered from the chair shot, he saw Courtney with the chair in her hands, and while thinking that it was her that hit him with the chair, Kane attacked Courtney while Bryan was watching on with amusement. At Over the Limit, Courtney retained the WWE Championship against Bryan. The next night on Raw, Bryan called Courtney out, saying that he should be the champion because Courtney tapped out in tehir match, and she shouldn't be. Courtney end up saying as a response that is that she says that he has a match next against Kane. Bryan ended up winning that match via disqualification because Courtney getting up from the announcer booth with a steel chair and hit Kane with the chair for a while until Bryan stopped her and grabbed the chair from her hands, deja-vu over what had happened last week on Smackdown. That had allowed Kane to think that it was Bryan who hit him with the chair, before attacking him. When he was done, Courtney went to check on Bryan, before applying the Anaconda Vice. Courtney let go after a while and just went on to mock Bryan by chanting yes. On the May 28 edition of Raw, Courtney came out, interupting Laurinaitis once again as he revealed a 'cover' for the WWE '13 game with him on it. She said that Laurinaitis isn't popular at all and there wasn't a ground-swell to get him on the cover of WWE '13. She also said that the real cover of WWE '13 features someone a lot better looking then Laurinaitis, in which after saying that, a big cover drops from the ceiling with Courtney on it. She went on to tell Laurinaitis to get out of her ring. When he left the ring, Courtney went to destry the Laurinaitis cover before her match with Bryan. Courtney lost the match. After it, Bryan chants "yes" as AJ (who came down to ringside to be in Courtney's corner wearing a Courtney t-shirt) looks upset that Courtney lost. Bryan turned around to Kane with a steel chair, where he drops Bryan with it and then chokeslams him ontop of it. AJ slides Courtney a steel chair, where she unloads on Kane and beats him with the chair until he fleed from the ring. Courtney exchanges looks with AJ afterwards.

It was announced for the June 1 edition of Smackdown that Courtney will defend the WWE Championship against Kane.The match went into a no conntest as Courtney, Kane and Bryan attacked each other in the ring, which had resulted in Kane chokeslamming both Courtney and Bryan. On the June 4 edition of Raw, Courtney faced Kane once again and this time Courtney lost the match.On the June 11 edition of Raw, Courtney was in a promo with Bryan and Kane where Courtney was defending AJ in a way, saying that AJ is pretty cool and that she is way out of Bryan's league, and in terms of being in the ring, Bryan isn't even close to her league. She also went on to say that regardless of who she has to beat, she's walking out WWE Champion on Sunday. After the three of them, along with AJ who came down to the ring at some point, Laurinaitis went on to announce that Bryan and Kane will take on Courtney and AJ in a tag match later on in the broadcast. Courtney and AJ went on to win the match.

At the No Way Out pay-per-view Courtney successfully defended the championship against Bryan and Kane. The following night on Monday Night Raw Courtney teamed up with Josh to take on Kane and Bryan in a tag team match which Courtney and Josh won the match. The following week on Raw Courtney was involved in a Triple Threat Elimination Match between Bryan and Kane where Courtney lost after being delivered a kick to the head by Bryan who captured the victory. Later in the night she appeared in a promo with A.J. who said to her that she’ll make it up to Courtney for her loss earlier while dedicating the Divas Battle Royal to Courtney; Courtney responded with that they need to have a serious talk about what’s going on between them.

On the July 2 edition of Raw, Courtney was involved in a promo that involved Cena, Bryan, Chris Jericho, Show and Kane where she ended up eventually getting laid out by Show. It was announced that Courtney would be in a tag team match teaming up with Cena against Bryan and Jericho. Later on in the night Courtney was in a promo with A.J. after her tag team match with Josh where A.J. asked Courtney if she was watching the match where Courtney responded with that she was on the phone with her niece Faith because she wanted to talk to her because she missed her and that she didn’t know that A.J. had a match. During the tag team match when A.J. came out and set herself up with a table looking like she was going to go through the table, Courtney and Bryan tried to get her to not do what she had intentions on doing. A.J. went ahead and pushed Courtney down onto Bryan and they both crash through the table. The next night on Smackdown Courtney was involved in an in-ring segment with Bryan and A.J. where Bryan and A.J. was arguing over their *worry* that they have over A.J.’s wellbeing. Later on in the night Courtney was involved in a 20-man battle royal. On the July 9 edition of Raw, Courtney was involved in another promo with A.J. and Bryan where A.J. asked Courtney to be her ‘number one best friend forever’ after she figured out that nobody has ever cared for her the way that Courtney has cared for her. Bryan had come into the picture saying that she’s making the biggest mistake of her life which Courtney fired back and saying how he made the biggest mistake of his life by being such an ass that things ended between him and Haylie and how Haylie was the best thing that ever happened to him. A tag team was eventually announced between the teams of Courtney and A.J. verses Bryan and Rachel Bella. Courtney was involved in a promo with Rachel later on in the night.  Courtney and A.J. would eventually win the tag team match. After the match Courtney said that she won’t be A.J.’s ‘number one best friend forever’ and she didn’t care if by saying that it’ll cost her the WWE championship match at Money in the Bank against Bryan since A.J. had been announced while back as being the special guest referee for the match.

At Money in the Bank Courtney retained the WWE championship against Bryan. The next night on Raw, Courtney started off the show by saying how she’s the ‘best female wrestler in the WWE today’ by defeating every opponent that has stepped foot in front of her thus far which included a win against Bryan the previous night. She was interrupted by Show who said that if it wasn’t for Cena being lucky and if Show were to win the Money in the Bank match that he’ll cash it on her right now and take the WWE championship. On Raw 1000 Courtney was involved in a segment with Rock and Bryan after Bryan’s “wedding” to A.J. where The Rock declared that whoever was the WWE champion come Royal Rumble that they were going to face him; Courtney responded back that it was going to be her that’s going to be the WWE champion and she’s going to win their match when the time comes. Later on in the match Courtney defended her championship against John Cena as he had cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase but the match ended in a disqualification thanks to Show (which meant that Courtney retained her WWE championship). After the bell and After the Rock came out and attacked Show, Courtney stopped him from unloading the People’s Elbow on Show and attacked on the Rock a bit marking a bit of a Courtney heel turn.

On the July 30 edition of Raw, Courtney appeared in a segment with Cena, Show and the co-Raw GM's Haylie and Danielle Eudy where Haylie announced that Courtney would face whoever won the match between Cena and Show at Summerslam for the WWE Championship. Later on in the night Courtney appeared in a promo with Cena where she talked about the #1 contender match tonight and says that what she did to The Rock in one night was something that Cena couldn’t do in one year. Courtney came out to do commentary for the Cena/Show match and interfered in it causing a disqualification. Courtney said after the match that there are “no winners” but Danielle came out and said that both Cena and Show are winners and will be facing Courtney in a Triple Threat match for the WWE championship at Summerslam. Courtney walked up to her and looked like she was going to attack on her for her announcement but thought otherwise and just walked to the back. On the August 6 edition of Raw Courtney came out interrupting Danielle as she was making announcements for tonight and Courtney said that she wanted to apologize to Danielle for her actions last week and asked for the Triple Threat match at Summerslam to be cancelled; Danielle rejected the idea and the match stood.  Cena came out and had a back and forth thing between him and Courtney which was interrupted by Show which led to Courtney complaining that she doesn’t have a match for tonight and Cena and Show have one. Danielle retaliated with before Courtney interrupted her that she was going to say that she was in a match…with the opponent being decided by the WWE universe. They decided that Courtney was facing off against Rey Mysterio in which Courtney went on to win the match. Later on in the night Courtney came to down to the ring after the Cena/Bryan match to show off the championship to Cena but he pushed her out of the way when Show came to the ring. Courtney went over to the announcers table as Show and Cena were fighting with each other in the ring and said that she has tried everything to keep everyone else from disrespecting her and she walked back into the ring then got quickly knocked out by Show. On the August 13 edition of Raw Courtney lost a match against Show by disqualification then it was announced by Danielle after the match that Courtney would team up with Cena against Show and Bryan. Courtney walked out of the match when Cena refused to tag Courtney into the match. Cena went on to win the match.

At Summerslam Courtney defeated Cena and Show to retain the WWE championship. The following night on Raw it was announced that pending approval from Danielle and Haylie that Courtney was allowed to choose her next number one contender for the WWE championship where later on in the night during an in-ring promo with Cena, Courtney said that she demands him to call her the 'best female wrestler in WWE today' and said that she has to beat Cena again even though the other times that she has beaten him didn't matter. Cena went on to eventually say that it doesn't matter who Courtney chooses to be the number one contender but stated that if it isn't him that he's lost all respect for her. After leaving the ring, Courtney demanded WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler to come into the ring and said to him that if she couldn't get Cena to say it that she'll have to have Jerry say it instead. When Jerry said that he couldn't say that Courtney is the 'best female wrestler in the WWE today' and attempted to leave the ring, Courtney kicked him in the back of the head, marking a full Courtney heel turn.

On the August 27 edition of Raw, Courtney started off the show with an in-ring promo with Lawler who demanded an apology from Courtney. She said that she doesn't have to issue out an apology for doing her job and that she didn't turn her back on anybody and the main reason for what she did to The Rock was that he deserved it and also that the only reason why she kicked Lawler in the head last week was because of the lack of respect that he had for her. Courtney ripped into Lawler and said that he's jealous about never being WWE champion in his career; she also added about how Lawler finally got his Wrestlemania losing to Michael Cole. Courtney finally went and issued an 'I'm sorry' for being sorry about the man that Lawler has become. Courtney taunted Lawler some more and said that Lawler will leave the arena embarassed - either because of Courtney or that he backed down from a fight. Later on the in the night Courtney faced off against Lawler in a fan-determined steel cage match where Courtney won. After the match she locked the steel cage door shut with chain and went on an attack on Lawler after Courtney said that she wants him to admit that she's the best female wrestler in the WWE today and Lawler didn't do that. Courtney continued on attacking Lawler until the steel cage was raised up and Cena went in it to try and stop everything. On the September 3 edition of Raw Courtney was involved in a backstage brawl with Lawler before interuppting Josh's promo by saying that she wasn't the one that turned her back on the WWE Universe and that it was Cena who had turned his back on the WWE Universe. Danielle came out and announced that there was going to be a match pitting Courtney verses Josh later on in the night, Courtney left the arena before the match stating to Danielle and Haylie that she's not fighting Josh and that she's taking a personal day before leaving the arena. But Courtney returned for the Alberto Del Rio/JCena match as she came out of no where and hit Cena with a kick to the skull giving Del Rio the victory. Courtney went ahead and smashed Cena's face on the hood of a nearby car and yelled out "Respect," to him as she went ontop of the car and posses ontop of it with the WWE title; it was later shown that it was Paul Heyman that was driving Courtney's car.

On the September 10 edition of Raw Courtney appeared in an in-ring promo with Bret Hart where she mocked Bret's pose while coming down to the ring and started mocking Bret and when he said that it'll take him less than a minute to beat Courtney back in 1997 Courtney retaliated with that she would have killed the WWE by jumping ship to WCW back in the day. After showing highlights from the past few weeks and after asking "Where is John Cena?" Courtney went into a diatribe about respect and how she'll be the best WWE champion of all time after beating Cena. Courtney left after Bret mocked her promo skills where Courtney called the crowd the french word for 'asshole'. Later on in the show Courtney was involved in a promo with Danielle where she complained that Courtney has a match and Cena doesn't where Danielle said that the reason that she has a match is because she left last week and after that Courtney was put into a match against Randy Orton where Courtney lost via disqualification as Dolph Ziggler came out and attacked Randy where Courtney and Dolph double teamed Randy which lead to Danielle making a tag team match teaming Courtney and Dolph up against Orton and Lawler; Courtney and Dolph lost the match. Courtney made an apperance during Cena's interview segmenet with Bret hwere Courtney called Cena the WWE's biggest Phony and that she's better than previous best-known WWE champions. Later on she tried to sucker punch Bret but Cena stopped her then Bret clocked her across the skull.

At Night of Champions, Courtney's match with Cena ended in a draw which meant that Courtney still kept the WWE Championship. The following night on the September 17 edition of Raw, Danielle put Courtney in a match with her tagging up with Del Rio and taking on Josh and Cena where Josh and Cena won the match despite Courtney having her foot on the rope while she was being pinned by Cena. On the September 24 edition of Raw, Courtney and Heyman started off the show by saying that the show wouldn't show until justice was served over what happened last week. 

Personal Life

Courtney is the little sister to WWE Superstar Josh Trudel and WWE Diva Haylie Trudel. She is the sister-in-law to Sabrina and Chase Biedka, and the aunt to Faith Trudel. She is the cousin to Carson and Abigail DellaRolla.

On December 10, 2011 Courtney had started a relationship with CM Punk. The couple got engaged on June 8, 2013 and got married on February 1, 2014

Siblings: Josh Trudel (brother), Haylie Trudel (sister), Sabrina Biedka (sister in-law), Chase Biedka (brother in-law). Tori Brooks (sister in-law), 

Family Member(s): Faith Trudel (niece), Kyla Trudel (niece), Carson DellaRolla (cousin), Abigail DellaRolla (cousin)


  • Mini Long Island (springboard-swinging neckbreaker)
  • Boston Crab

Tag Team(s)/Stable(s)

  • The Trudel Siblings (with Josh and Haylie)

Entrance Music

Twitter Account

Courtney's Twitter Account is @CourtneyTrudel. She uses it to talk to her family, friends and fans as well as posts updates about what's going on with her.

Title Reign(s)/Accomplishment(s)


  • 1 time WWE Champion (current)


  • 2011 Slammy Award Winner for 'Trending Star' of the Year
  • Youngest Person to hold the WWE Championship (19 years, 108 days)