Cassandra Serenity Power
Cassandra Power


September 16, 1984 (age 27)

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Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia


Miamia, Florida



Early LifeEdit

Cassandra is the younger sister of Will Power. Will and Cassandra didn't have that great of a brother/sister relationship at first, but as the years went on, they started to have a great brother/sister relationship.


Cassandra was a major tomboy while growing up in Austrailia. She would literally hate anything that was girly, but one thing that she loved the most out of anything, and it was racing. She would come and watch some of Will's races whenever he would race in Austrailia.

After highschool, Cassandra would move to Miami, Florida to go to university to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. When she was finally done with her schooling, she went and travled with Will in the IZOD IndyCar circut, where she would later meet and befriend Will's girlfriend (and eventually fiancée) Jayden Penske.

Personal LifeEdit

Cassandra is the younger sister of Will Power. Cassandra has a tattoo of gothic angel wings with a red halo on her lower back.


Will Power (brother)

Jayden Penske (sister in-law)

Roger Penske Jr. (brother in-law)

Gregory Penske (brother in-law)

Blair Penske (brother in-law)

Mark Penske (brother in-law)

Jay Penske (brother in-law)

Twitter AccountEdit

Cassandra's Twitter account is @AustralianBeauty. Where she would talk to her friends and fans of IndyCar.
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