Caitlyn Sarah Kligerman
Caitlyn Kligerman


August 9, 1990 (age 21)

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Westport, Connecticut


Detroit, Michigan


PR Rep for Parker Kligerman

Early LifeEdit

Caitlyn is the twin sister of Parker Kligerman. Even though the two didn't look the same, they acted the same, and that was good for freaking people out when they wanted to.


Caitlyn was also a victim of bullying during highschool, because one of her friends Rebecca had killed herself before the beginning of ninth grade, and they were making fun of Caitlyn, saying that she was next in line for committing suicide, and she had to deal with that for the four years before she graduated and didn't see those bullies afterwards.

She then moved to Detroit, Michigan just two months after graduating from highschool and is currently taking night classes at the University of Michigan as during the day, she hangs out with Parker in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series circut.

Personal LifeEdit

Caitlyn is the twin sister of Parker Kligerman, and act a lot like the other, that at times creeps people out. She currently takes night classes at the University of Michigan with hopes of having a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Along with her brother, Caitlyn is a big fan of the New York Giants NFL team. It was quoted that her, along with Parker and his fiancée Skye Edwards had made Serena Keselowski a fan of the football team.


Parker Kligerman (brother)

Twitter AccountEdit

@CaityKligy29 is Caitlyn's Twitter account. She uses it to talk to her brother and her friends, as well as posts photos of herself.
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Caitlyn's Twitter photo