Annabelle Nikole Griffin-Martin
Annabelle Martin


40 (December 31, 1971)

Boise, Idaho

Relationship Status

Married to Trent Martin


Boise, Idaho


Chesterfield, Virginia

Early LifeEdit

Annabelle is the only daughter of Nicole and Travis Griffin, bartenders at the local bar in Boise.


Annabelle was considered a 'good child' growing up, despite dropping out of highschool when she was fourteen years old.

When she'd dropped out of highschool at fourteen, Annabelle went to a car repair shop in Boise looking for a job, when she met Trent Martin. When they met, they became fast friends and on October 23, 1984 Trent and Annabelle had started a relationship.

Two weeks after they got into a relationship, Trent and Annabelle had jumped into bed with each other and on November 10, 1984 Annabelle was pregnant at fourteen years old. When Annabelle's parents had figured out that she was pregnant, they'd kicked her out of her house, and Annabelle had moved in with Trent and his family so that Trent and Annabelle could have taken care of the baby.

Annabelle had given birth to her first son on April 15, 1985 at fifteen years old three months early when she was six months pregnant.

The next time that Annabelle had a child was when she was seventeen years old. Annabelle had given birth to her second child, this time a daughter on January 31, 1987 when Annabelle was seventten years old two months early at seven months pregnant

Because of the two children that Annabelle and Trent have, Trent had proposed to Annabelle on December 25, 1989.

On January 4, 1990 Annabelle was pregnant with her third child. On September 14, 1990, Annabelle had given birth to her third child at nineteen years old with this pregnancy going through the whole nine months.

Trent and Annabelle had gotten married on July 20, 1995 when Annabelle was twenty four years old.

Her child's births and her marriage had happened in Chesterfield, Virginia where Annabelle was residing for a while.

When she was twenty nine years old in 2000, she went with Trent into the NASCAR world as she'd worked as an engineer for Trent's race team with help from Trent and other engineers. Annabelle is one of the co-owners of Trent Martin Motorsports (with the others being Trent)

Personal LifeEdit

Annabelle had gotten married to Trent Martin on July 20, 1995 after spending eleven years with each other.

Annabelle had given birth to her first child, Alex Martin on April 15, 1985 three months early in her pregnancy

Annabelle had given birth to her second child, Danica Martin on January 31, 1987 two months early in her pregnancy

Annabelle had given birth to her third child, Nick Martin on September 14, 1990 and it lasted the whole nine months of her pregnancy

Twitter AccountEdit

Annabelle's Twitter account is @AnnabelleMartin. She talks to the fans of NASCAR as well as posts photos of herself from time to time.